Bowen Therapy Courses

Have you sampled Bowen Therapy and want to delve deeper? Having Bowen Therapy courses available Australia wide makes it possible. Revealing rewarding doors to a new career or personal development and fulfillment. There’s a reason why more than 26,000 people have studied Bowen Therapy since 2009! The phenomenal popularity is no doubt down to the remarkable results seen by Bowen patients, as the practitioner gently performs bodywork techniques to correct problems and restore balance.Want to join the Bowen Therapy community, but don’t know where to start?

We have all the answers to your questions about studying Bowen Therapy Courses.

Why should I study Bowen Therapy?

Born right here in Australia, Bowen Therapy is enriching for both practitioner and patient. You may be a massage therapist wanting to add another gentle healing technique to your toolkit. Or perhaps you have never studied a natural therapy, or are seeking an entirely new career change.

Whatever your reasons, studying Bowen Therapy is sure to keep you intrigued and interested. Working on soft tissues, you will help your clients heal their ailments and issues in no time at all – sometimes in just one or a few sessions.

You can treat almost anyone with gentle Bowen. Pregnant women, babies, the elderly and the ill can all benefit. As can people with a range of ailments such as chronic fatigue, depression, respiratory problems, sports injuries, ear aches, migraines, back pain and even IBS.

Bowen Therapy courses – What should I choose?

When you start browsing Bowen Therapy courses, check that the provider is a Registered Training Provider (RTO). This ensures your training is nationally recognised and meets high standards. Plus it provides you with a third party if you have any questions or complaints about the training.

An RTO is also likely to offer VET FEE-HELP, a government loan to help you study now and pay later. Others may offer other flexible payment plans, to ease the squeeze on your budget.

Wonderfully, many Bowen Therapy training providers offer short courses. That way you can sample the school and the technique, and make the most informed decision. In just one weekend, you could be on your way to a new chapter and an exciting career!

From there, you can progress to a certificate or diploma to get thorough training and achieve accreditation as an Australian Bowen Therapy practitioner – which could happen in as little as twelve months.

In Australia, all courses adhere to the traditions of Bowen Therapy – and teachings of creator Tom Bowen. So you should ensure your course provider is accredited by the Bowen Association of Australia (BAA) before signing up.

Enquire today and a local training provider will be in touch to discuss your options, or if you are interested in something else – check out our Ayurveda Courses or NLP courses – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!

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