Herbal Medicine Courses


Maybe you already use herbal medicine, and want to learn more about how it works. Or perhaps you would like to share your passion and insights with others – to help their health and healing. Either way, studying herbal medicine is sure to bring you an abundance of enjoyment. But what should you consider before choosing one of the herbal medicine courses? When you’re unwell, you could pop a pill. Or you could turn to herbal medicine, which has been used for eons to treat all sorts of common complaints and illnesses.

You may be surprised to know that herbal medicine is “the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today” – as says the National Herbalists Association of Australia.

Why should I study herbal medicine?

In Australia, we refer to herbal medicine as Western herbal medicine. This is the study and application of medicinal plants to provide therapy and treatment.

Just like naturopathy, herbal medicine treats the body holistically – rather than just addressing symptoms. A herbal medicine practitioner asks, “What’s causing this condition?” and then develops a health plan to bring about a boost in health and healing.

Herbal medicine courses – What should I choose?

Before choosing your course, think ahead. Look into the future and ask yourself, “What will I do with my knowledge? How will I share my skills?” Perhaps you want to become a nutritionist or naturopath, and draw on herbal medicine as part of a patient’s treatment plan. If that’s the case, you may only need a short course or certificate qualification.

However, if you want to go into research or public practice (perhaps incorporating contemporary and traditional medicine), you will likely need a Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine).

If you’re unsure, request an appointment with an advisor at one or more training providers – or consider consulting a career counsellor. They will be able to guide you towards the best study path for your preferred career.

Another consideration when comparing courses is understanding your interests. Some providers offer specific areas of study, such as iridology, Ayurveda or nutrition. This narrows your focus and may get you out into the field sooner.

Of course, one of the most important thing to consider is accreditation. Not all herbal medicine courses will be recognised by professional associations and accreditation bodies.  And you don’t want to complete a course, only to find that it isn’t recognised!

So start exploring the wonderful world of herbal medicine and see where it takes you.

Enquire Today and we will find some local training providers and get them to contact you to discuss further – Interested in something else? What about an Art Therapy Course or Homeopathy course – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!


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