Hypnotherapy Courses

If you’re fascinated by the mind and its potential, studying one of the available hypnotherapy courses may open your eyes to endless possibilities – personally and professionally. The human psyche is incredibly interesting and complex.
But what exactly is hypnotherapy and what study options are available to you?

What are hypnotherapy courses today?

Hypnotherapy used to be a bit gimmicky. Remember those tacky TV shows that had apparently unsuspecting audience members embarrassing themselves on stage?

Today, thankfully, we have a better understanding of the healing power of hypnotherapy. And practitioners can use it to bring about health, healing and happiness in their clients.

According to Hypnotherapy Australia, the modality today is “practised as a person-centered psychotherapy, which employs guided visualization to achieve an altered state of consciousness called trance.”

When a client undergoes this trance-like state, you can use specific techniques to guide the subconscious mind to bring about positive changes in the client’s life. In a safe space, your client can review their emotions and behaviours, and begin adopting more beneficial thoughts and actions to improve their entire life.

Hypnotherapy courses – What should I choose?

Here comes the tricky part – choosing a hypnotherapy course. Why? Because there are many different hypnotherapy approaches, styles and practices that you can delve into.

It might be best to think ahead. Look into the future – do you see yourself as a professional psychotherapist or psychologist who uses hypnotherapy as part of a suite of services? Are you interested in transpersonal psychology or maybe Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)? Or maybe you just want to learn hypnotherapy for personal development, and have no desire to make money from your practice.

Once you know your reasons for studying hypnotherapy, it’s easier to narrow the field and find the right course for you.

Some schools will let you attend a free workshop to get an idea of their program. Or you may find an introductory short course that gives you a taste of hypnotherapy techniques, before making a bigger investment in studies.

Or you may want to dive right in to a certificate or diploma in hypnotherapy or clinical hypnotherapy, maybe bundling it with an NLP qualification or counselling certification.  You can study at a private college or even a university.

Either way, do your homework. And ensure the school you choose is registered with the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia. That way, your qualifications are recognised by industry bodies such as the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy or the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

Once you open your eyes and expand your mind, you may be amazed by where your hypnotherapy studies take you.

Enquire today and we will get a local training provider to touch base with you to discuss things further – Interested in something else? Why not explore Homeopathy Courses or Kinesiology Courses – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!


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