Kinesiology Courses

Are you ready to transform your life – and the lives of others? Or perhaps you have a passion for healing, and want to explore it as a hobby? Whatever your wishes, kinesiology courses will open your eyes to ‘muscle testing’ and how it can be used to treat many modern afflictions.

What is kinesiology?

Let’s start with the basics. Kinesiology means ‘the science of movement’ and is a gentle, hands-on yet non-invasive healing science that can alleviate chronic pain and many illnesses.

Since the 1930s, kinesiology has helped many people achieve greater health and wellness. There are three main branches of kinesiology:

  • Traditional kinesiology
  • Applied kinesiology – its use in other holistic disciplines
  • Specialised kinesiology – such as Touch for Health

As a kinesiologist, you’ll most likely draw on a range of powerful healing techniques and tools to assess your clients’ health, wellbeing and energy. This includes muscle testing, which analyses muscle function. But you won’t be looking at your client with a narrow focus; instead, you’ll look holistically at the entire body and each system within it. By balancing energies in the body, you play a part in restoring clients’ overall health and vitality.

Kinesiology courses – What should I choose?

As you start exploring, you’ll see that there are many different pathways to kinesiology study.

From short introductory courses, to exercise science diplomas, online sports kinesiology courses, and even functional kinesiology programs at Australian universities.

The question is – how do you want to apply your kinesiology knowledge when you graduate? If it’s purely for personal interest, you won’t need a university degree. However, if you want to become a sports science professional or go into private practice, a more in-depth and accredited program is usually required.

Also weigh up your lifestyle and timetable. Full-time study will help you reach your goals sooner, but may not be practical around your other commitments. And if you live remotely, online or distance education may be more suitable, so you can study from home in your own time.

Naturally, one of the most crucial questions is what does the course cover? After all, it’s this knowledge that you’ll be applying out in the real world. So request a prospectus from several schools or universities – and ensure you know what’s involved and included in each program before signing on the dotted line.

So if you like the idea of working with people one-on-one to live their best lives with more energy and renewed health, want to build a business, study sport and science, or simply have a personal interest in physiology, consider one of the kinesiology courses available.

Enquire today and we will get a local training provider to touch base with you to discuss your options, are you interested in something different? Why not try Hypnotherapy Courses or Massage Courses – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!

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