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Do you think its time to start studying one of the nutrition courses available out there? Have you experienced the health, healing and wellness that come from clean eating? People these days are all about healthy living. We look for the latest low fat recipes, and having a healthy lifestyle. If you know a thing or two about eating healthy, then perhaps it’s time to share your knowledge and passion with others.In Australia, anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, since the practice isn’t regulated. But that’s a great reason to train in the field and become a reputable, accredited professional.

Why should I become a nutritionist?

Nutrition is a complex field, as science unearths updated principles and practices. Every day, we are learning more about the link between diet and health. We continue to learn how to anticipate and avoid common diseases and disorders. There are many benefits of studying nutrition courses and dietetics – As a nutritionist, you will guide your clients to adopt an eating and/or supplements plan, based on their individual dietary needs and lifestyle. You could work in public or private practice, for groups or individuals. Or you could progress into research or food science.

The industry is your oyster!

What are the nutrition courses I should study?

At this stage, you may still be unsure if nutrition courses are for you. If that’s the case, a short introductory nutritionist course will touch on the training basics and give you an overview of more advanced study options. There are some places that will offer to study nutrition online. Usually the smaller nutrition courses will enable you to work as a Health Coach or Nutrition Advisor – best to check with the provider. Many students who do the introductory course also study in Massage, Naturopathy, Fitness or even Counselling.

After that, you can continue with further education. From a certificate to diploma to degree and beyond by studying nutrition courses at university. Its only when you do the more advanced courses where you get a strong understanding in nutrition. There are a wide range of options where you can be qualified to work as a Nutritionist. You can set up a consultancy business, work as a health coach in a gym, spa or wellness centre. You can even run your own business!

Bear in mind that if you want to become a practising nutritionist in the future, you must choose a nutrition course that is recognised by an accrediting body – such as the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA). Otherwise, you may be faced with the frustration of re-training. Accrediting bodies have their own requirements for accreditation, so check before choosing your nutrition course. That being said, completing a course doesn’t guarantee admission into an association.

What will I learn in nutritionist courses?

What you learn will depend on which of the nutrition courses you choose and what qualification level you go for. For instance, a three-year Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) will entail a more comprehensive program than, say, a Diploma in Holistic Health or Certificate in Integrative Nutrition.

As a prospective student, you might like to create a short list of nutrition training providers – we can help to connect you with a range by sending an enquiry through the site. Then draft a set of questions such as fees and scholarships, course program, location or distance study requirements, and anything else you’re curious about. Then, request a prospectus or book an appointment with an advisor at the training centre or university.

What happens after I graduate?

This is a great question to consider – and one you should think about before selecting nutrition courses on-line or on-campus. That way, there will be no surprises when you complete your studies.

You can start treating clients in a private clinic with a certificate in nutrition or diploma in nutrition. If you want to work in a school, hospital or aged care facility, your BSc (Nutrition) will get you there – although other training may also be necessary.

Remember that the further you take your nutrition qualifications, the more opportunities you will have. But let’s not look too far ahead! Go step by step, start with satisfying your interests via a short nutrition course, and we can help you to get in touch with training providers to explore where else you can take your interests in nutrition and health. There are many possibilities that can open up from this career path, and the skills you learn can also compliment being a:

  • Life Coach
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Children’s Nutritionist
  • Fitness Coach
  • Weight Loss consultant
  • Naturopath

The world of nutrition is a smorgasbord – so start sampling!

Enquire Today and we will get a local training provider to touch base with you to discuss getting you into the industry, or are you looking for something slightly different? Why not check out the Naturopathy Courses or Reiki Courses – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!




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