Reiki Courses

Have you experienced the self-healing and spiritual growth that can come from receiving or practising Reiki? Then you might like to delve deeper in this enriching modality through a wide range of Reiki courses available.Best of all, Reiki is easy to learn and accessible to anyone. And once you have Reiki training under your wing, you can start treating your loved ones and even pets!

But what is Reiki and how should you train and practice this popular energy healing technique? What types of Reiki courses are out there?

What is Reiki?

Hailing from Japan, Reiki is a spiritual practice that assumes we can all become profound energy healers once we tune into and access our ki – or natural energy.

As an ancient art, Reiki guides us to find balance and harmony, so we can bring about deep relaxation and healing.

As a Reiki practitioner, you will use various hand positions and patterns above and gently on the patient’s body. Like many other natural therapies, Reiki treats the body holistically with the understanding that all systems are interconnected.

People who have studied and received Reiki say it helps relieve pain and anxiety, stress and illness – and fuel positivity, prosperity and wellness.

What Reiki courses should I study?

There are three levels to training as a Reiki practitioner in Australia. Logically, most students begin with a one day workshop or one of the online Reiki courses and progress through the various levels at their own pace. Some find that Level One is all they need for personal development and treating friends and family.

The three levels are:

Level One Reiki

:  Discover what Reiki is and its underlying philosophy. Tap into your healing energy and emerge with enhanced awareness of your healing abilities. You will likely also have the chance to practise self-treatment. Level One courses range from 10 to 18 hours.

Level Two Reiki

: If you want to become a Reiki practitioner, this is the level to obtain. You’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of treating others with Reiki, and receive a practitioner’s certificate.

Level Three Reiki

: Interested in becoming a Reiki Master? Then you’ll need to obtain Level Three certification. The course delves even deeper into the practice, and you’ll be asked to practice Reiki between sessions.

There are many schools and colleges offering Reiki courses at each level. Course costs vary and depend on the length and complexity of the training, as well as the college location and how to training is delivered (i.e. online tends to cost less than on-campus). Fees can also depend on the Reiki Master’s beliefs about money and sharing knowledge – so don’t be afraid to ask before signing up for a course.

According to Reiki Australia, a Reiki Master has the right to choose their teaching style and practice. This means one teacher may draw on a unique form of Reiki practice. And while many practitioners believe that a Reiki student and Master find each other by ‘fate’, you should feel free to ask questions about the teacher and their individual practice.

You might even like to book a Reiki treatment with the Master, to see if their style resonates with you. After all, you’ll be absorbing their approach when learning Reiki for yourself.

If reading about Reiki makes your spirit sing and your soul soar, start searching for your Reiki Master today. Who knows – in a year or so, someone may be searching for you to teach them!

Enquire Today and we will get a local training provider to touchbase with you to discuss your options. Interested in studying something other than Reiki courses – why not try Nutrition Courses or Ayurveda Courses – simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!

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