Theta Healing Courses


Have you tried Theta Healing and witnessed the way it can release emotional blockages, treat trauma, and shift your belief systems? Then you may find studying Theta Healing to be incredibly stimulating and satisfying – especially when sharing your skills with others.

But what Theta Healing courses should you study? And what can you do with your Theta Healing qualifications after graduating?

Theta Healing Courses – What do they involve?

The core philosophy of Theta Healing is that we sometimes experience internal blockages, which stifle the flow of our spiritual energy. Through Theta Healing, we can pinpoint those blockages, tune in to a higher energy, and release the roadblocks that hold us back in life.

As a Theta Healing practitioner, you will help yourself – or your clients if you decide to work in the field – to focus on and form life goals, and learn to let go of negative thought patterns.

The therapy is future-focused, looking ahead to our possibilities. When treating clients, you and they will quickly tap into the theta stage of brainwave activity – the same state achieved during hypnotherapy and sleep.

Techniques used in Theta Healing include energetic testing, meditation, muscular testing, and techniques similar to those used in hypnotherapy. Using this gentle approach, you can develop a unique gift in helping others transform their lives and overcome illness, trauma, relationship issues, self-sabotage and depression – and live the life they envisage.

What Theta Healing course should I study?

No doubt about it, Theta Healing is an intriguing modality. And so it’s something to sample and see if it resonates with you.

If you’re already trained in meditation, hypnotherapy or counselling, you can study Theta Healing as an additional service to offer clients. Or you can launch straight into a Theta Healing course and become a qualified practitioner.

Either way, the best starting point is an introductory course. Some Theta Healing training providers offer free workshops, so you can try the techniques and see if you want to invest in further study.

You can then opt to undertake workshops on a range of topics – from intuitive anatomy to manifesting, animal healing and more. Many of these workshops are held on weekends, perfect for fitting around work and other commitments. Best of all, you can choose the topics that interest you, rather than investing in studies that don’t float your boat.

When comparing theta healing courses, ensure you have a handle on the specific topics taught. Course fees vary between training programs, so also ask about payment options and how much you’ll pay for tuition and materials. It can also be a good idea to meet the teachers before the course starts – perhaps at the free introductory session – so you get a feel for their style and experience.

You’re then ready to start exploring Theta Healing and bring about positive change in your life – and the lives of others.

Simply send Natural Therapy Courses an email and we will get local training providers to be in touch and help get you into the industry that is booming!

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